BAMit - Your Local Money Saving App

FAQ About BAMit

BAMit is an easy way to earn CASHback from your everyday purchases.Think of it as getting hard cold cash right back in your wallet for home/professional services, shopping, dining and getting pampered at your favorite places. BAMit works with popular local businesses to drive new and consistent consumer traffic to their establishments by putting a great discount on the app that allows you to receive CASHback in your BAMit app wallet in exchange for, well...just going about your everyday business of making everyday purchases! You can earn CASHback from BAMit (2) ways: By scanning your receipt and/or with linked credit cards based on the business's preference on deal redemption methods. Simply Download BAMit * Register Your Credit Cards * Browse All the Categories * Redeem Deals * Earn CASHback! You can cash out your BAMit wallet directly to your bank account through our safe and secure e-transfer service. Finally....No clipping of coupons....No remembering codes....No more losing out on deals!

A BAMer is anyone who uses the BAMit app. BAMers earn CASHback on deals and promotions that are on the BAMit network. Everyone is welcome to become a BAMer.

BAMit is super easy. BAMers redeem money-saving deals offered by their favorite local businesses. BAMers can also invite other users to their community to redeem money-saving deals and for every friend that signs up, they will receive BAMbucks.

If you own a smartphone, can download an app and scan a receipt, you can join BAMit! Everyone is welcome to be a BAMit user if they are looking for deals and promotions - we encourage everyone to sign up and become a BAMer. BAMit invites any business that operates legally under state and federal laws in the United States to join the BAMit network. BAMit reserves the right to remove any business in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Almost any business can sign up.

BAMit is free to join.

The BAMit app is available in the Apple Store or Google Play. Simply download the FREE app and go through the registration process. Be sure to complete your profile so you can earn BAMbucks!

Businesses on BAMit offer a variety of money-saving deals and promotions tailored to the needs of their business and consumers they serve. Deals are posted, created, and adjusted by the individual business. BAMit does not control deals that are posted for a business.

All BAMit deals are redeemed at the business location. Remember I told you in the very beginning that there are (2) ways to redeem deals with BAMit based on the option the business selected: 1) Businesses That Selected Receipt Scan Method: BAMers can redeem deals with any form of payment the business accepts. Just be sure to scan your receipt after your purchase to receive your CASHback in your app wallet. 2) Businesses That Selected Registered Credit Card Method: BAMers just have to pay with any of their registered credit cards and the CASHback will be processed to their app wallet within 72 hours of the transaction. Either really is that simple!

BAMit differs from other discount services because there are no upfront costs or equipment purchasing requirements. Businesses benefit from one of the lowest transaction fees around, and BAMit never charges a BAMer to purchase a deal prior to redeeming it. Deals are redeemed directly at checkout.