BAMit - Your Local Money Saving App


The BAMit user guide is your one-stop shop for all questions related to BAMit

Anyone can become a BAMer by downloading the BAMit app and registering/creating an account.

To start finding deals on the BAMit app, tap the DEALS tab in the app and pick from any of the categories to find a discount you like.

All deals are redeemed at the business checkout. Select a deal you wish to redeem, tap the GET DEAL & EARN REWARDS button, and present your BAMit deal to the cashier. After the discount is applied, enter the new total amount being paid into the number pad (not including tip in the service industry), and present your device to the cashier. The cashier will scan their QR code or enter their 4-digit business PIN to verify the deal, press next, and BAM! You just redeemed a deal and earned BAMbucks. You can also verify your deal by scanning your receipt, or if you have registered your credit card, you will receive your BAMit discount in the form of a credit on your card (COMING SOON).

To invite a friend to BAMit, tap the INVITE tab in the app. Enter their email address, and tap SEND INVITE. BAM! You just invited a friend. You can also copy the link to your clip board and send the invite through a text message. Once they receive your invitation, they can complete the registration to become a BAMer by clicking on the link and completing the registration process. You can see all the people you invited that registered in your profile under the MORE tab.

We take pride in having quality businesses on BAMit. While we don’t anticipate any problems, yes, during the redemption process you will have the option to tap the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL link and chose from a variety of concerns. Tap OTHER if you don't see your issue. Please give us a brief description of the issue you are having and we will take care of the rest.

BAMbucks are a part of the loyalty rewards program that is used to reward BAMers for various actions while using the app. BAMbucks are not a currency and cannot be used to redeem deals or be used for general purchasing currency outside the BAMbucks Rewards Center.

BAMs are notifications BAMers will receive for instant or time-sensitive deals in their area as they become available. These nuggets of wisdom will help you save money and locate great deals immediately at your favorite places to eat, shop, and receive services.

We can't imagine why anyone would want to turn off their BAMs, but if you do: iOS device: go to the settings and tap NOTIFICATIONS then scroll to the BAMit app and turn the ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS toggle on/off. Android device: go to the Apps section in the settings. Tap the BAMit app and check/uncheck the box for show notifications.

Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE tab section and tap the MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES, and then edit your name. For legal purposes, you must use your legal name in the BAMit profile, so avoid nicknames and special handles. All profile changes can be made in this section.

Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE section, tap the MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES. Edit/replace your email address and then tap save changes.

Your user name is your email address. If you need to update your email address, you can do this in the profile section of the app under the MORE tab. Be sure to save your changes after each entry.

Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE section tap the MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES. In the password field enter a new password, tap SAVE CHANGES. We highly recommend changing your password frequently.

You can see all the deals and promotions that have been redeemed by going to the REWARDS tab. You can review all your redeemed deals, money earned, and your BAMbucks here. Click on MY BUSINESSES in this section to see earnings based on businesses.

The email address you registered when registering will automatically be subscribed to the BAMit email list. If you wish to no longer receive BAMit emails, you may unsubscribe at any time. But before you unsubscribe, be sure to check out a few of the newsletters sent out because there is a wealth of information that will be very beneficial. We don't send out boring material that isn’t valuable.

Yes, BAMers can have as many accounts as they like, however we suggest sticking with one account because you cannot transfer BAMbucks from one account to another.

You can receive notifications from BAMit by going to the settings of your device and turning notifications on/off. Without turning notifications on for BAMit, you will not receive any local BAM alerts that we send out. That would be a bummer as you may miss out on some great deals! We also send out newsletter and email communications highlighting great deals that you won't want to miss. Be sure to open those emails and feel free to forward them to your friends.

iOS device: Go to the settings, tap LOCATION and tap ON. Make sure to select WHILE USING APP or ALWAYS. Android device: Go to the settings, tap LOCATION. Go to GOOGLE LOCATION REPORTING, then LOCATION REPORTING and tap ON.

Our hearts will be broken into a million pieces, but if you wish to deactivate your account you may contact our customer support team, they will assist you. Miss you already.

Anyone on the BAMit network can add a new business. Tap on the INVITE tab at the bottom of your screen in the app. Tap the ADD A BUSINESS icon, input the requested business information and tap ADD BUSINESS. The business will then receive a verification email. They must complete their registration to join the BAMit network including adding a deal and a payment option, if this was not already done by you. Once they verify their business, it will be added to your active businesses and you will receive a percentage of deals redeemed at that location.