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FAQ BAMit Business

Any business that offers a deal or promotion on the BAMit network and sells to the public is a BAMit business. Almost all businesses that sell to the public may join the BAMit network. BAMit does not discriminate and allows most businesses that operate legally under state and federal laws in the United States. BAMit reserves the right to remove any business in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Sign up is completely free and no additional start up fees or hardware are required to use the app. With sign up, businesses benefit from a free app that customers will use to redeem deals in their location, a free business dashboard that provides businesses with valuable analytics to track all their deals and see how they perform, and the benefits of a free BAMbucks loyalty program for customers to earn points each time they spend money at their location. There is zero risk to try BAMit.

All deals are redeemed at the business checkout. Select a deal you wish to redeem, tap the GET DEAL & EARN REWARDS button, and present your BAMit deal to the cashier. After the discount is applied, enter the new total amount being paid into the number pad (not including tip in the service industry), and present your device to the cashier. The cashier will scan their QR code or enter their 4-digit business PIN to verify the deal, press next, and BAM! You just redeemed a deal and earned BAMbucks. You can also verify your deal by scanning your receipt, or if you have registered your credit card, you will receive your BAMit discount in the form of a credit on your card (COMING SOON).

Businesses benefit from one of the lowest transaction fees around. Any customer that goes into a business and redeems a deal, and completes a transaction is considered a redeemed deal on BAMit. Remember, BAMit doesn’t get paid unless we bring customers to you.

When a business is requested to verify their account, they will provide a credit card during registration to become active on the BAMit network. This information goes directly to our processing service called Stripe. BAMit does not receive any credit card information, nor can BAMit ever access this information. Each week, the credit card will be charged the low transaction fee for each redeemed deal. Businesses will receive a statement each Sunday night, and will be charged on Wednesday. Remember, BAMit doesn’t collect any money if we don’t bring in business!

Stripe is one of the most respected and secure processing companies in the world. If you trust your credit card to make charges at businesses like Amazon, Target, Lyft, Kickstarter, Blue Apron, Girl Scouts of America, and over 100,000 other businesses, then you can trust your credit card with BAMit, because we use the same processing company.

BAMit wants to make using the app an awesome and easy experience for everyone. Businesses do not have any set responsibilities other than to post their deals and then accept and verify the deal being redeemed.

BAMit does not discriminate and allows all businesses that operate legally under state and federal laws in the United States. BAMit reserves the right to remove any business in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Adding a deal is quick and easy. Go to your business dashboard, tap MANAGE DETAILS. Click on the + sign to the right of the dashboard. Enter the deal title, and the details of your deal, upload a picture of your deal, and tap CONTINUE. BAM! You have added your deal. You can use the same process to change or modify a deal at any time.

We'll feel terrible if any business on the BAMit network wanted to remove their business page. Please contact customer support at and one of our representatives will assist you.

You betcha! This can be done through the business dashboard. We wanted to make the App super simple to use, so you can add, delete, or change deals when it is convenient for you. Hopefully you'll have as much fun using the app as we did designing it.

All transactions can be seen on the business dashboard. Log into to access your business dashboard.

We totally get that sometimes your business may move, especially when you expand and grow. We love to see businesses grow! If a business wants to change their address, please log into the business dashboard and edit the business information.

Your business must sell to the public and be legally operating under state and federal laws of the United States. If you did not complete the verification and registration process, your business may not have been activated. Contact our customer service if you are having difficulty seeing your business on the BAMit network at

We get it can be really frustrating not to see the fruits of your labor when growing your local community of active customers. It may be that your business is not on the BAMit network because you have not completed the verification and registration process. If you signed up your business, make sure you have completed these vital steps. If you know your registration is complete, but you still don't see your business in the community, please contact our customer service to resolve the issue at