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FAQ Deals on BAMit

A deal is a discount offered by a business on the BAMit network. These discounts save our BAMers lots of cash and earn rewards through our BAMbucks loyalty program. While we do refer to them as BAMit deals, please realize that these deals are directly added by a business and are controlled by the business. BAMit does not add these deals, we simply provide the platform for businesses to add their own deals.

All deals are redeemed at the business. Select a deal you wish to redeem, tap the REDEEM DEAL tab, and present your BAMit deal on your device to the cashier. After the discount is applied, enter the new total amount being paid into the calculator (before TIP if applicable), and present your device to the cashier. The cashier will scan their QR code or enter their 4-digit business PIN, press next, and BAM! You just redeemed a deal and earned BAMbucks. You can also scan your receipt with the discounted amount to verify the deal to get your BAMbucks, or you can use the credit card registration feature to automatically receive your discount in the form of a credit on your card.

DO: Make sure the total amount is correct before presenting your device to the business. Your total affects your BAMbucks disbursement amounts. The business should proceed to scan their QR code or enter their merchant code and tap NEXT to finalize the transaction. If you enter the wrong amount and it doesn’t match with the totals verified, you might not get your BAMbucks, so be sure to enter the correct amount being paid for the total transaction. Do include the tax in that total amount. DON'T: If a business attempts to give you the deal “under the table” please select the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL button, and select the appropriate issue and give a brief description. We are unable to disburse your BAMbucks if the business does not process your transaction by scanning their QR code or entering their 4-digit PIN. We would hate for you to miss out on building your rewards because we have some pretty awesome stuff in our BAMbucks Reward Center.

BAMit search results are determined by geolocation. Any deals within a category will appear on the map with a drop-pin within proximity of your location. If you expand the view of the map, or move your map view, you can see more drop-pins pop up.

BAMers can split the purchase price with the business for any deal purchase. However, only one BAMer can redeem the deal and earn BAMbucks. If your meal partner isn't a BAMit member, ask them to join – it's a perfect opportunity to see if they want to save money as well, and next time you dine together, they can get the BAMbucks!

For information about a deal or business, tap the drop-pin on the map to pull up additional information. Missing information about the business? Let us know what you want to see, and we'll look at adding it to the business profile.

BAMbucks are points you can use to redeem for great items in our BAMbucks Rewards Center. And we can promise that we have some pretty awesome stuff in there! They cannot be used to redeem deals on the app.

As many as your bank account will allow! You may redeem as many deals as you like per day – there is no cap on redeeming deals. Remember, the more deals you redeem, the more BAMbucks you earn.

As often as they like to fit their daily business objectives. The more deals posted, the more discount options BAMers have! So be sure to check back with your favorite spots often to see if they posted something new!

A deal can be redeemed as many times or as long as it is on the BAMit network. Parameters of redeeming a deal are set by the business. If there are restrictions, the business will have them outlined in the deal description.

First off, that’s a bummer, and we are so sorry you had this experience. We take pride in having quality businesses on the BAMit network and hate to see anyone leave with a bad taste in their mouth. If you had a bad experience redeeming a deal please tap the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL? button on the deal description page at the bottom. We will address the issue immediately.

We hate to see businesses not following the rules of the discount offers. If you notice a business is trying to charge extra fess when redeeming your deal, please report it immediately by tapping the ISSUE REDEEMING YOUR DEAL button before redeeming your deal.

We never anticipate this happening as businesses use the BAMit platform to keep customers coming back again and again. However, if you found a deal on the BAMit network for a specific business and they do not allow you to redeem your deal, on the REDEEM A DEAL page, simply tap the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL button and select from the options to let us know you had a problem. We will do our best to resolve it immediately.

If you would like a refund, please contact the business directly for more information on their refund policies. Remember, the deals you redeem are controlled by the business, not BAMit.