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BAMit is a NEW APP that helps you get more customers. It's easy, just list a deal or discount on BAMit and only pay a modest fee if we bring you a customer!


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Easy to get started! BAMit helps you sell more and grow!

Why Your Business Needs BAMit!

Gain brand awareness, a digital presence, increased sales, customer loyalty and so much more.

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Efficient Spending

Reduce expenses from other discount services by benefiting from a low 8.5% transaction fee. We beat the competition.

Ultimate Flexibility

Whether you're tech-savvy or prefer a hands-off approach, BAMit makes it easy to reach local shoppers and increase your sales.

Easy Customization

Change and edit deals with just a few clicks. Manage multiple locations from one login.

Free Advertising

Benefit from free marketing through the BAMit platform. Social Media + Email Marketing Communications, we're a great way to ensure customer loyalty and enhance your digital presence.

Be Part of Giving Back

All BAMit shoppers have the opportunity to donate a portion or all of their cash back to a charity after redeeming your deal.

Business Dashboard

Access business analytics & reports through a customized business dashboard that's FREE to you. Track each redeemed deal at your business in real-time.

BAMit is a location based app that shows your deals to nearby shoppers.

Business owners can also join and redeem deals to support the local community and charities.

The Easiest Dashboard You Will Ever Use.

Manage multiple deals, generate reports and utilize all of the resources for your business.Your dashboard allows you to add up to 3 locations, manage & review all transactions, and view non-public customer reviews.Take control by becoming a BAMit business today.

Your key to success begins with BAMit.

Your Deals Have Purpose

BAMit is committed to helping, and you can be part of that! After shoppers redeem deals they have an opportunity to share a portion or all of their cash back with schools or Nonprofit Organizations they care about. By partnering with BAMit, your business can help the community be part of something bigger. BAMit is changing the way businesses get customers and the way communities thrive.

Clean Design & Easy Use

Shoppers can find your deals in their favorite categories right from their phone. The BAMit app is a location-based experience. Shoppers find a great deal, they visit your retail space or online store, make their purchase, and simply redeem your deal in the BAMit app.

No equipment or staff training needed, ever.

No Initial Investment Required

From the moment you sign up as a BAMit business and confirm your account, your location is visible to shoppers. We make it easy to partner with the BAMit app and see more local traffic. All for the starting price of zero.

Low 8.5% Commission

Our fee is the lowest in the industry at 8.5% of the net discounted amount. If no BAMit deals are redeemed there are no charges to you. If a deal is redeemed we simply charge your card on file. Businesses are still able to gain exposure and promotion for free while on the app.

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Easy Business Sign Up

1. Become a BAMit business partner by clicking the signup button below.
2. Confirm your account.
3. Add your location details.
4. Create your first deal.

Assistance available.

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How a BAMit Transaction Works

Benefit from BAMit's industry-leading low transaction fees.

Cash Back or $ OFF - choose the type of deal that works best for your business.

  • Step 1

  • A shopper redeems your 10% cash back deal on the BAMit App

    They spend $100.00 on their visit and pay you in full.
    The entire transaction stays in-house. They just earned $10.00 cash back!

  • Step 2

  • BAMit applies the LOW 8.5% transaction fee

    The BAMit transaction fee is based on the net discount Amount after your shopper earns their cash back.
    BAMit Fee = $7.65 (8.5% of $90.00)

  • Step 3

  • The Breakdown

    $100.00 Transaction
    - $10.00 (Your 10% Deal)
    - $7.65 (BAMit Fee)
    = $82.35 (Remains in-house)

All the benefits of BAMit for a business

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Quick Information to help you sign up:

  • You can offer two types of deals. You can either have a deal that offers a % off or you can give a specific $ off. You do not have to worry about the discount on your end, BAMit handles getting the cash back back to the user!

  • Don't forget your payment option. Even though BAMit leads the cash back industry on low fees, we still need a payment on file to process BAMit's 8.5% fee and the cash back your deal provides to shoppers!

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