Generate a Steady Stream of Income for your Nonprofit Organization

BAMit has created a way to generate funds 365 days a year for your organization that is easy, modern, and efficient. Our app is well-suited for today's unique climate as it focuses on community support through shopping locally and giving back. By partnering with BAMit, you modernize your fundraising efforts, combat ask-fatigue, expand your donor base, and create meaningful relationships with businesses in your community.

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BAMit can help your organization raise funds in several ways.

What is BAMit?

BAMit is a free app that allows businesses to offer deals and discounts to their local communities.

How does BAMit work?

Businesses offer discounts that shoppers can easily find on the BAMit app. Shoppers find great deals, redeem them in-app using a registered card or by scanning their receipt, and earn cash back savings that are instant and real! Their cash back can be shared with your organization directly from the app. Shoppers can decide what percentage of their cash back they share with your organization. This is just one of three ways BAMit helps create a constant revenue stream for you. Year-round fundraising at your fingertips that allows your donors to Save Money - Give Back - and Live Better!

Goodbye ask-fatigue & Hello year-round fundraising!

BAMit works for everyone. Open the BAMit app and find categories for all types of household needs. It's also suitable for any income level. Once your donor base is educated on the simplicity of how BAMit works, they enjoy shopping for every day things AND supporting something worthwhile. BAMit gives every shopper an easy way to contribute that also directly benefits their household. Braces for the kids, EARN! Garden project, EARN! Fix your phone and feed the family, EARN!


How Can BAMit help your SCHOOL OR CHARITY?


After partnering with BAMit you receive a unique referral code. App downloads with your code automatically link shoppers to your organization at a 50% cash back donation level. This percentage can be adjusted to make donating feasible for every household. BAMit also provides an in-app invite feature making it easy to expand your donor base beyond current reach. Your custom cashboard will help you keep funds and donors orgaized, automatically!


Every time a connected donor redeems a BAMit deal, you automatically receive a percentage of their cash back savings. Passive donating made simple by shopping for everyday items. Earning and donating is for everyone involved. BAMit puts giving back in the hands of the community by increasing local business traffic and revenue. Shopping with BAMit is the easiest way to help everyone in the community thrive.


To maximize your organization's earning potential, onboarding NEW businesses is essential. Supercharge your fundraising ability. Every new business joining BAMit, based on your referral, generates money for you no matter who shops there. BAMit shares a portion of our collected fees with you as a thank you for helping us grow in the community. Your organization will continue to generate this income as long as the business remains on the app with a valid deal.

Benefits of Partnering with BAMit

When Nonprofit Organizations and Local Businesses partner with BAMit, everyone's value increases.


FREE training - collateral - and tools to make business referrals simple. A BAMit appointed guide to help you maximize your earning potential and keep supporters engaged.


BAMit administrative support programs - choose what works best for your organization (fees may apply - up to 10% of your earnings). Multiple earning channels - transactions, business referrals, and downloads.


Easily expand your circle of support and grow your donor base. Use your dashboard to track your program and easily withdrawal your earnings. We made year-round fundraising simple - anyone can support on their terms, and enjoy doing it


Ready to partner with the BAMit NPO program? Here's how.

We'll help your Nonprofit Organization elevate fundraising to the next level by giving them opportunity to be a part of something bigger with BAMit app.

Connect with BAMit using the CONNECT button so we know you're interested.

If the partnership sounds great for us both, we'll send you a BAMit NPO Partership Agreement. This will help answer any question you might have.

Once the agreement is complete, BAMit will initiate training to help position you for a great start.