BAMit Resources

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Shoppers & App Users

Businesses on BAMit

  • How a Transaction Works

    This info graphic is a simple way to explain how a BAMit transaction works as a business owner.

    Info Graphic
  • My Business Dashboard

    A document explaining the features of a business dashboard and a place to store the login link, business username, and password.


Nonprofit Organizations (Not on BAMit)

  • BAMit Deck

    Six page document on why BAMit is a great option for your nonprofit organization.

  • NPO Simple Intro

    A 'one page' of information that drills down to simple reasons why BAMit is right for your NPO.

    NPO - BAMit One Page FULL

    Text document full of great details from BAMit discussing more about NPO's and how they benefit from BAMit.

    NPO - Welcome to BAMit

Nonprofit Organizations (On BAMit)

  • HOW TO: Sign up as a Shopper

    A simple infographic to teach you or someone how to signup on the BAMit app as a shopper.

    NPO - BAMit How To
  • New NPO with BAMit 1

    The 'Keys for Success' to have a great start as a new NPO on the BAMit platform. Lots of great information on how to maximize your partnership with BAMit.

    NPO - Keys for Success
  • HOW TO: Redeem a Deal

    Two ways to redeem a deal on the BAMit app - Card Link & Receipt Scan

    BAMit - Redeem a Deal
  • Tell my Donor Base about BAMit

    A template useful for sending, via email, to your donor base introducing BAMit. Sections are provided so you can add links and your referral code so new downloads and signups are linked directly to your NPO.

    NPO - Introducing BAMit Letter
  • New NPO with BAMit 2

    This is a great tool with talking points and information on how to have the best launch with your donor base, organization, and with BAMit. We also provide video and social media links in this document.

    NPO - Launching with BAMit
  • HOW TO: Invite a shopper with my Charity Code

    If a shopper is linked to a charity/NPO on the BAMit app, they have a special invite code. Inviting new shoppers to the BAMit app with this code links them to your charity/NPO instantly after signing up. This info-graphic will show you how easy it is!

    NPO - Invite shoppers using your code
  • HOW TO: NPO Dashboard Sign In

    Your NPO dashboard is your portal to all things BAMit. This document will show you a simple dashboard overview and how to sign in.

    NPO - Dashboard Sign In
  • HOW TO: NPO Dashboard Training Request a Check

    Your NPO dashboard is your portal to all things BAMit. This document will show you how to request a check if you have funds available.

    NPO - Dashboard Request a Check

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